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The family credo is built into every blower

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Blower Engineering. Built Better.

There are many reasons why our Tri-Lobe signature design makes sense for your business.


Our expansion could not have gone better without our valued partner, Blower Engineering. The design put into the calculation needed for our packages has never let our business down and kept us running our plants around the clock for years.

Grain Millers, Yorkton, Saskatchewan


Your service is much more than just communication over the phone and email. It involves many trips to stop in without being requested to the location of the production facilities. Layered on top of this, is the maintenance knowledge you have shared with our Maintenance department staff.

Grain Millers, Yorkton Saskatchewan

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All blowers are not created equal.
We know why.

Most blower manufacturers don’t do pneumatic conveying design or engineering. They just sell blowers.

At the heart of it all, we’re a family of engineers with decades of experience dealing with the varied complexities of our customers’ pneumatic conveying requirements. It is this engineering expertise that enables us to design blowers that deliver on performance and cost efficiencies. And why we have a track record that’s tough to beat - almost as tough as our blowers.

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    High-performance signature Tri-Lobe Blowers work with every application and offer you quality and durability well above the industry standard.
  • Compact Silencer Packages Thumbnail
    Compact Silencer Packages
    Designed by our team of engineers, our compact/silencer packages flatten sound waves with very low pressure drop through the design resulting in more pressure available for conveying product.
  • Acoustic Enclosures Thumbnail
    Acoustic Enclosures
    Noise reduction down to a science. Our acoustic foam and structural design ensures noise reductions from 20-40 dba.
  • High Vacuum Exhausters Thumbnail
    High Vacuum Exhausters
    Compact, stackable or demountable assemblies, these products work continuously with no thermal overloads. We offer a wide range of possibilities with regard to intake flow rates.
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    Options & Accessories
    A well-stocked inventory of high-quality accessories for all your blower needs — from Intake Air Filters to Relief Valves to Filter Restriction Indicators, and more.

Blower Canada

We’re proud to be a leader in our industry, serving the Canadian market’s need for superior, reliable, and cost-efficient blower technology.

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