High Vacuum Exhauster

Efficiency, long life, less wear-and-tear, and versatility doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of smart design, and technology working together to create a quieter, smoother-running unit with capacity up to 4710 ICFM, and vacuum to 25” HG.

Key Features of our High Vacuum Exhausters:

  • Bearings: Spherical/cylindrical roller and ball bearing combinations; minimum 100,000 hour design life.
  • Tri-Lobe Rotors: Involute contoured impeller profiles for maximum efficiency.
  • Impeller/Shaft Rigidity: Reduces mechanical deflection and vibration.
  • Oil Seals: Simple non-wearing slinger type oil seals, provide positive sealing in both oil sumps. Unaffected by high temperatures. No shaft wear.
  • Air Seals: Piston ring air seals provide dependable non-wearing operation to minimize air leakage past the shafts.
  • Heavy-Duty and ribbed cast iron housing and end covers: Reduce noise levels and increase heat dissipation.
  • Versatile Mounting: Horizontal or vertical airflow is easily achieved by relocating the removable mounting feet incorporated in all models.
  • Splash Oil Lubrication: Assures improved bearing life and operational simplicity.
  • Gas or air is delivered in an uncontaminated, oil free state.
  • The unit may be coupled directly or driven by V-belts.
  • Rotation of the impellers is synchronized by a pair of timing gears having helical, hardened and ground teeth.
  • Stationary and truck mounted portable units

Note: performance data based on sea level barometer and 68F inlet temperature