Fluidization is a process comparable to liquefication in which granular or powder materials are converted to dynamic fluid-like states, from their original static solid nature. This normally happens when air is passed up and through a granular or powder like material.

When the air flow gets introduced via the bottom of the bin or silo through special pads or valves, it tends to move in an upward manner through the empty spaces existing in between the material particles. This is when the material in the bin or silo is considered to be fluidized and the solid particles in it will start to flow like a fluid.

Many people use compressed air, which is costly to produce and and to clean. Our blowers produce the air oil-free and dry, so there is no extra equipment required such as dryers and oil-separators. If the air is wet or has oil in it, the material is compromised. Clean dry air is essential for proper fluidization. This is why our Tri-Lobe Blowers are designed above and beyond the ‘standard’, so that you can rely on them to provide clean oil-free air for many years.