A reverse pulse (often called a pulse jet or reverse jet) filter cleaning system is a simple action, yet it requires the sturdiness of our Tri-Lobe blower which can stand up to the rapid changes in pressure output. This offers significant cleaning results, as well as economic savings over compressed air.

A simple explanation of a reverse pulse filter cleaning system is as follows: in normal dust collector operation, air flows from the outside of the filter media to the center of the filter. The dust is filtered out and left on the outside surface of the filter. To clean off this dust, a blast of air is shot down the center of the filter and works outward taking the dust off of the surface of the filter.

These are usually smaller blowers that produce air at approximately 8 – 13 psig.

Each dust collector may require more or less cfm depending on the number, size(diameter) and length of the filter bags in the unit.