In biological waste water treatment plants aeration chambers are utilized to remove organic content from the water. Microorganisms are used to brake down the organic material in waste water. Our blowers supply required oxygen to microorganisms in the aeration chamber.Pressurized air is delivered through aeration pads below the chamber. The air that bubbles up not only provides oxygen to the process, but also keeps the microorganisms suspended in the water so they don’t settle out. Depending on biochemical oxygen demand , rotary lobe blowers provide desired amount of constant volume of air flow. Proper selection and sizing of Tri-Lobe blowers play a crucial role in the economical operation of a waste water treatment plants.

The field of operation that the Tri-Lobe blower system will be subjected to consists of the following parameters:

  1. Site conditions ; atmospheric pressure, discharge pressure, ambient temperature, relative humidity
  2. Type of aeration system
  3. Mass flow of air at any moment in time depending on process conditions
  4. Upstream and downstream equipment, filters, valves etc