Our Compact Silencer Packages offer a better way to reduce noise. Instead of sound absorption material which runs the risk of product contamination, we use a chamber-reactive design for the discharge silencer. The body of the discharge silencer is made from schedule 40 pipe and the end plates and internal plates are ½” thick carbon steel. The internal cross pipes are also made from schedule 40 pipe. These heavy materials make for exceptional sound attenuation as well as superior durability. The Compact Silencer is also smaller than conventional sheet metal silencers so the blower package will have a smaller foot print.

The inlet filter silencer (F/S-R) employs a large chamber built around the filter element which allows for a large area of low velocity. The benefit of this is that the dust can settle out of the incoming air prior to being taken into the enclosed filter element. For our customers, this means longer maintenance intervals for the element. Our F/S-R is also able to provide inlet silencing far superior to a conventional sheet metal silencer and inlet filter, due to a combination of cylindrical shape, heavy gauge steel, inlet baffle and acoustic foam insulation applied to all internal surfaces.

Other Features:

  • Safety pressure relief valve protects equipment and personnel
  • Pressure gauge plumbed and mounted on blower
  • OSHA belt guard for added safety
  • Large access door on intake filter/silencer facilitates filter element replacement
  • Filter restriction indicator alerts maintenance when filter is dirty or clogged
  • Inline check valve ensures product does not blow back into blower

Custom Packages

Custom Packages are designed when a customer has specific needs and reasons for a unique design. A Compact Silencer might have to run perpendicular to the blower due to limited space to fit into a narrow area. Sometimes retro-fitting isn’t possible, so the package has to be dropped in place with no modifications.

We have had to replace an existing Blower Package that had only a frame but no silencer, so we matched the discharge to fit the existing piping.

In all cases, very detailed measurements are required to determine the exact design specifications.

The added value to you, our customer, is seamless installation and cost-savings as there is no drilling, cutting, welding or pipe-fitting.