Before an application is designed, we conduct an in-depth review of your system. The data required to begin our process is detailed and lengthy but necessary for us to deliver a system that will last into the future and adapt to your changing needs. We look at what you need today, and what you think you will need tomorrow. Performance, cost efficiencies and energy-saving measures are also significant factors. The best application is the one that meets your needs and works with your current operation. Improvements and customization can result in significant cost savings.

Maintenance, Warranty and Inspection

The best maintenance of any of our blowers is preventative maintenance. Operating checks daily of discharge and suction pressure, as well as outlet temperature is advised. Oil changes every 2000 working hours is a general rule of thumb. More frequent changes may be necessary if the lubricant becomes contaminated due to adverse conditions.

All our blowers come with an 18-month warranty from date of shipment. Within this timeframe, we will repair or replace, F.O.B. our plant, any product that is determined by us to be defective.

Upon request, we perform on-site inspection when diagnosis is not able to be carried out by phone. The inspection is carried out according to the individual customer’s specific needs. Main components and safety-related systems are also checked, adjusted, or replaced as required.


Whether it’s a hornet’s nest in the filter housing, or relief valves blowing off, you can’t afford to lose time.

If we designed it, the simple truth is, a blower that is applied correctly, and maintained properly will give reliable service for 10 to 12 years. But breakdown situations do occur and often at the worst possible time. Sometimes a detailed and in-depth phone call fixes the issue, and other times we’ve driven or flown to see and solve the problem. Either way, your urgency is our urgency and we know how to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

The beauty of our blowers lies not just in the superior design, but also in the fact that they require a minimum of service due to their robust construction, large bearings, and excellent heat dissipation through large oil reservoirs. In fact, many our service or trouble-shooting calls are for our competitors’ blowers.

On-Site Training

Informal training sessions happen regularly, as we are often out talking to our customers at their plants, about airlocks, sight glasses, pneumatic conveying design, and plant systems. It’s a benefit to everyone when there is a greater understanding of how their industrial technology works — maintenance and prevention is a lot easier.