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A family of engineers.
A reputation built one blower at a time.

In 1959, Tom Byrnes Sr., patriarch of the family and successful family enterprise, began selling and applying positive displacement blowers. After a few years, he made the decision to begin designing his own pneumatic conveying systems in order to customize solutions to his customers’ operational needs. Through attentive customer service, knowledge, and innovative thinking, he developed a loyal customer base and incremental growth. Since then, his blower applications have handled almost every kind of product: from sugar and salt to cement, nickel oxide powder, limestone, potash, wheat, flour, corn and barley and many more.

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With almost two decades of experience and education under his belt, Tom Byrnes Sr. and his son Bill, founded Blower Engineering in 1979. From the onset, the focus was on better, more efficient pneumatic conveying design, servicing customers end-to-end, by taking the time to personally apply an honest and comprehensive analysis of each customer’s unique operation. This 360° approach earned Blower Engineering a trusted reputation as ‘ the best blowers in the business, bar none’.

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Proudly Canadian, Blower Engineering is now a leading provider of pneumatic conveying technology to Canadian companies in need of expertise and technical support. Quality workmanship and a product that outlasts most competitors has been a formula that has worked well. Coast-to-coast, customers have a high level of confidence in the knowledge and experience that makes Blower Engineering a true leader in the market.